HCS Testing Changes to Competitive Halo 3 Settings

In a recent post by Halo Waypoint, it was announced that Halo Championship Series (HCS) would attempt to test a pair of changes to official competitive settings in Halo 3.

The post comes with the resurgence of competitive Halo 3 being back on the rise and the HCS Invitational at SXSW right around the corner in mid-March. Though Halo 3 is a timeless game and its competitive zeal resurfacing 12 years post-launch is a true testament to the merit of this game, it might be due for some change in an attempt to keep things fresh.

The proposed changes include diminishing the score to win on both Guardian Oddball and Construct King of the Hill from 250 to 200.

The alteration was bid in an attempt to limit the frequency of scenarios where opposing teams are timed-out by the game clock or in other words, when it is mathematically impossible to gain enough points barring time remaining in a game.

HCS stated they have been in contact with professional teams and suggested testing out the new settings while the H3 Team Hardcore playlist in MCC will be updated to reflect these changes from February 15 – 17. HCS will test qualitative data from matchmaking as well as feedback from players to gauge receptiveness and viability of this new change.

They say change is good..

They say change is good, and it is. However, is this the fresh new remodeling Halo needs to breathe life again? We’re not thinking this is it, Chief.

When talking game variants such as Oddball or KOTH – the game clock adds another layer to its competitive framework. Both of these game types boil down to time and which team uses theirs more efficiently. Slaying is a critical part of both Construct KOTH and Guardian Oddball despite not being the primary objective; poor management of time between slaying and focusing on the objective may result in your team getting timed-out and well, that’s just part of the game, baby.

Regardless, HCS seems keen on making some changes to the standardized competitive rule set in one form or another prior to the HCS Invitational.


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