HCS Weekly welcomed into Grassroots program

Ultimate Gaming Championship’s (UGC) original show, HCS Weekly, was just announced as the latest addition to the HCS Grassroots program. Wave 2 of the Grassroots initiative also saw the induction of content creators Proximity, Stress and Eli X into the program.

The HCS Grassroots program was launched back in November 2018 in an effort to give back to the community that helps drive Halo esports. Alternatively, HCS Weekly sprouted back in August 2018 as UGC’s initiative in the Halo sphere and the pilot show of their network programming that includes live-streamed shows on Counter-Strike, SMITE and Gears of War. HCS Weekly is broadcasted live every week on Tuesday at 5PM CT on UGC’s Twitch channel and hosted by Alexander “ShyWay” Hope.

The arrangement set between the two will show cross-promotional efforts of content, HCS Grassroots branding on the live stream and provision of exclusive Grassroots nameplates and weapon skins for distribution among their audience.