VALORANT beta to debut in Brazil, Korea, LATAM on May 5

On Friday, VALORANT Executive Producer Anna Donlon provided an update defining Riot’s expansion of the game’s closed beta into Brazil, South Korea, and “most of” Latin America on May 5.

Data centers in Seoul, Santiago, and São Paulo will come online next week, allowing players in the aforementioned regions access to VALORANT. Riot intends on making the closed beta available in Mexico City, but admits it may face delays due to infrastructural obstacles. Prospective consumers in outside regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and the Greater Middle East were asked to be patient in regards to the tactical shooter’s arrival.

Image credit: Riot Games

The global pandemic has redefined normalcy for virtually everyone. With that, businesses are adopting entirely digital infrastructures – a component of the COVID-19 outbreak which has seen a change in VALORANT’s course of action, according to Donlon.

“With recording studios around the world being shut down, it’s been really difficult to localize a lot of our agent [voiceovers], so you may experience some mixed-language voiceover, and that’s not ideal. Also, in areas where we do have our servers online, we are still working out some latency kinks. You might be experiencing some higher ping than we’re comfortable with, but we do have plans for all of this.

“Finally, because of the unique impact that COVID-19 is having on the entire world, internet consumption is at an all-time high. ISPs are finding themselves having to juggle who gets routed where, so we are actively troubleshooting with how this might be impacting your games. But none of these are excuses, they are amazing challenges for us to overcome as we bring VALORANT to you, and we are so, so excited to be on this journey with all of you.”

Players encountering higher-than-usual ping can expect to see improvement over the next several weeks as Riot continues to iron out latency kinks. All things considered, VALORANT developers are continuing to display their commitment to providing the best possible gameplay experience for players. Just four weeks into its closed beta and the game has already seen two key patches and the addition of ranked matchmaking.


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